Video: Inpuht Live Jam with Xone:DB4

London based duo Inpuht have revealed some of their work flow and have created a short performance piece that captures what they do in their live set.

Kit used:
Allen & Heath Xone:DB4
Ableton Push x2
Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot
Roland TR8
Roland TB3
Novation Launch Pad
Various Boss guitar pedals
Ripping up the blueprint for the so called future techno sound, Inpuht takes soaring squelch lines and marries them with melodic overtones, warm bass and shuffling beats. Welcome to the next era of Techno, where the music wears its heart on its sleeve, has a grin on its face and preconceptions are left away from the dance floor. Part of the Meta Junction Recordings collective, Inpuht will rip apart your speaker cones and make the floor jack via an improvised box jam featuring a mix of the original hardware and a few trusted recent favorites. All live. All real. All the time. Constantly searching for enhancements, some gear flips but always at the centre of the rig is the ‘best in class’ Allen & Heath Xone: DB4.