Xone:K1 MIDI Controller

Allen & Heath has introduced the Xone:K1 to extend the MIDI controller range of its elite Xone DJ line, joining the successful Xone:K2 controller. The K1 has a flexible layout allowing users to define and customise an individual workflow and mixing experience, and works with all leading DJ software. The Xone:K1 is easily configurable to allow fast access for setting levels, triggering hot cues, adding effects and instant looping to relieve the DJ from focusing on the computer screen.

Featuring 6 endless rotary encoders with push switch, 12 analogue pots, 4 linear faders, and 30 backlit performance switches with three-colour illumination, the Xone:K1 allows comprehensive mapping to leading DJ and production software, such as Traktor Pro, Ableton, Virtual DJ and MixVibes, offering a total of 52 assignable hardware controls, more than any controller of its type.

Powered over USB so that a separate power cable is not needed, Xone:K1 can be mixed n’ matched with other Xone:K series controllers and daisy-chained using Allen & Heath’s proprietary X:LINK protocol without the need to carry a separate USB hub. X:LINK also enables DJs to expand their set-up by connecting directly to Allen & Heath’s Xone 23C, DB2 and DB4 mixers.

Xone:K1 is both lightweight and hard-wearing, with a steel front panel and employing Allen & Heath’s nutted pot construction. A black padded case is available as an accessory, which doubles as a stand, bringing the K1 up to the same height as most pro DJ mixers.

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The Anxious K: Series Ableton Live Sample Pack & Set

The Anxious have created an exclusive map and sample pack that allows you to make ‘live’ music, spontaneously without the need for a mouse. It is for the Xone K: Series Controllers for use with Ableton Live.

It will work for both the K1 and K2, as this version does not require the use of ‘latching layers’.

The pack contains 448 specially created samples by The Anxious that can all be triggered via a ‘Sound Generator’.

These samples can then be recorded completely live by arming different channels of an eight-track recorder – all by using the controller alone. You can add room and hall reverbs as well as delays and filters. Should you require more recording channels, you can simply drag the recordings out of each recorder from within Ableton onto their own tracks and start the recording process again.

The Anxious Techno Version ‘Sound Generator’ contains eight ‘banks’ of sounds specifically tailored for the techno genre, including kicks, closed hats, open hats, snares, claps, percussion, fx, main sounds and sub bass. You can also adjust the pitch of the main sounds and bass via one of the controller sliders.

‘We wanted to create something that demonstrates the kind of techniques we use in our The Anxious Live sets. It’s an extremely quick way of getting ideas down into Ableton, which can be arranged later into a track or even put over a live DJ or producer set. Our concept will work for any style of music, so we’d love other DJs and producers to get involved by replacing all the samples and uploading their own versions and share to the Xone Community’

Getting started:
Please ensure your Xone:K1 or Xone:K2 is set to MIDI Channel 15.
Go to Ableton, Preferences, MIDI/Sync:
Ensure both the Input and Output of Xone:K1 (Or Xone:K2) have track AND remote ON.
Turn all controllers on your Controller DOWN and/or OFF.
Ensure Slider 3 (Pitch Sounds) is in the MIDDLE.

Download the Sample Pack & Set ZIP and Instructions here:

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