Alex Banks – Xone:DB4 & K2 Point Blank Feature

Alex Banks from Monkeytown Records (also home to Moderat & Modeselktor) talks to Point Blank in London about his new album ‘Illuminate’ and how he is taking the show live on forthcoming tour.

The show is based around Ableton Push, Live 9 Suite, Maschine Mikro, Korg Kaoss Pad Quad, 2 x Xone:K2 controllers and the Xone:DB4 as the central audio mixing console and FX processor.

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UK: FACT Worldwide Off Week Xone:DB4, Xone:DB2 & Xone:92 Comp!

Our friends at FACT Worldwide are running a great competition to win a pair of tickets to their 30+ Off-Week events in Barcelona this June and a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones! This competition is strictly UK only and has a very limited run time so be sure to send your Xone DB4, Xone DB2 or Xone 92 proof of purchase by 2nd June 2014 to ASAP! See flyer for full details.

For more info on the FACT Off-Week events taking place check their website:

Mix: Troy Carter presents – DANSE 2014 (Xone:DB4)

New mix entitled “DANSE” which in case you didn’t know is French for “DANCE”..

I love making people “DANSE”, I love to “DANSE” myself and that’s exactly what this mix is meant for, “DANSING”..

Stream it, download it, listen to it, DANSE to it!

No tracklisting though, although a quick shazam session should fix your jones right up!

This mix was recorded using an Allen & Heath DB4 Digital Mixer , an Allen & Heath K2 Midi Controller, Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6.8, 2 DB Technologies Opera 712DX Self Powered Monitors and a pair of DENON DN-HP1000 Headphones.

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Mix: MoMo | PM-003 | “Collection Selections” | ALL VINYL | (Xone:DB4)

:::::::::::::::::::: Collection Selections…14.04.14 :::::::::::::::::::::

Featured here now is the complete AUDIO-ONLY recording of my long, improvised DJ set of selections from the collection during a live stream.

Only one slight gap occurs at the final comment break before the last hour. You can’t hear it here because another mixer was used and this is the USB recording from the Xone:DB4 into Wavelab 8.


-Vinyl selections from the collection
- Allen&Heath Xone:DB4 and one Xone:K2 (for looper control only)
- (2) Technics SL-1210MK5G LTD..with Ortofon Nightclub MK2s
- Duo Audio customized Sony lollipop/stick headphone (vintage)
- Apple MacBook Pro recording audio into Steinberg Wavelab 8
feeding into a Live mixer streaming and recording with a microphone over it’s USB.


This is long, natural, and eclectic…aimed at providing a diverse range of sounds and styles throughout the set….not hung-up on genres… just digging and playing whatever was right in that moment…